Preventable Measures That Keep Your Home Safe From Fires

fire damage cleanup hannibal

fire damage cleanup hannibalFire damage is a disaster that devastates homes and belongings. The smoke damage left behind, as a result, is just as devastating. Unfortunately, fire damage is not 100% percent preventable, but there are some measures you can take to reduce the risk of fire damage in your home. 

Fire Damage Cleanup Tips In Hannibal

At Clean Restoration, we have lots of experience helping people in Hannibal with fire damage cleanup. Here are some tips that we recommend to keep your home safe from fires:

  1. Protect your roof: The roof of your home is its first line of defense from all the elements. When the roof receives fire damage, the rest of your home is at increased risk of further damage. There are different roofing options, in terms of fire resistance, that can be used on your home to help reduce the risk of fire damage categorized into classes A, B, and C. Class A roofs are designed to withstand severe exposure to fires by utilizing materials like asphalt, fiberglass, concrete tiles, clay tiles, brick, slate, metal, and fiber cement products. Class B materials are a step down in terms of fire resistance and include fire-retardant, pressure-treated shakes, and shingles. Class B can withstand moderate exposure to fire. Class C includes materials, plywood, and particle board which offer little protection and only against light flames. Consider changing your roofing material to a Class A or B in order to help keep your home safe from fire damage. 
  2. Upgrade your windows: Not only will new windows and casings improve the efficiency of the HVAC in your home, but they can also help protect your home from fire damage. The heat from flames can cause the glass to break and collapse allowing fires to spread more easily. Double-paned windows made of tempered glass provide the best protection against fire because the glass will not break as quickly or as easily. In other words, the fire damage is more contained. 
  3. Utilize smoke alarms: Smoke alarms can make all the difference in alerting emergency response personnel in a timely manner and resolving a fire before it turns into a bigger problem. Be sure that there are working smoke alarms in every room of the home where someone sleeps, one in the kitchen, and at least one on every level. It is also important to routinely check alarms to be sure they are functioning and keep the batteries fresh so they do not run out. Make sure that you have an emergency response plan in place that begins as soon as a smoke alarm alerts you of a fire including a fire escape plan for your home. 
  4. Be cautious, alert, and mindful: A large percentage of house fires that occur every year could have been avoided with more attention and less carelessness. Do not leave candles lit while unattended, do not place space heaters too close to flammable objects, do not store lighters or matches in areas where children can reach them, and do not leave cooking food or hot appliances on when you are not directly supervising them. 

Fires can be difficult to prevent, but being more aware and cautious can help keep your home safe from potential fire damage. Contact the professionals at Clean Restoration, their team is ready to help your fire damage restoration needs. They can be with you as you get your life back on track. With years of experience, they’re able to efficiently repair and restore your home as well as help prevent any future fires.

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