The 3 Different Types of Flood Water

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Flooding in your home can be devastating and dangerous. When water floods your basement, you must be careful while dealing with it. There are different types of water that you could be dealing with, and some are more dangerous than others. Here are the three kinds of water you might encounter during flooding and how best to approach it in your home. water damage restoration hannibal

Type 1—Clean Water

Clean water is the safest kind of water you might face from flooding. As you can tell from the name, it is the least likely to be contaminated with anything hazardous to your health. Clean water flooding can come from things like overflowing bathtubs and sinks. It could also be from rainwater or any source that will not include things like chemicals and bacteria. However, even if you are dealing with clean water, you should still be very careful. If standing water has reached the height of your electric outlets, it could be electrically charged. This can cause a shock if you come in contact with it. Always proceed cautiously; if unsure it is safe, avoid coming too close to the water. If clean water is not dealt with quickly, you can expect it to become contaminated with something, causing it to become the second type of water.

Type 2—Gray Water

Gray water is more dangerous to address because it is more likely to contain contaminants you do not want to come in contact with. A source of gray water often comes from broken appliances such as a dishwasher or washing machine. The water that comes out likely contains chemicals. It might also have bacteria, especially the longer the water remains. Without being removed, gray water can cause mold to form and spread. You should not clean up gray matter on your own because coming in contact with it or ingesting it could harm your health.

Type 3—Black Water

The most dangerous kind of water to deal with is black water. The difference between gray water and black water is that black water likely contains sewage. It can come from a backed-up toilet or sewer line. Not only can it contain the chemicals and bacteria of gray water, but it is also contaminated with sewage, which can be very dangerous for your health. You want to avoid coming in contact with this. You should immediately call a water damage restoration company, no matter what kind of water is flooding, but it is essential with black water. 

Water Damage Restoration—Hannibal, Illinois

The different types of flood water have specific ways to be handled. If you cannot be sure that the water is safe, do not try to handle it yourself. If you experience flooding or any other kind of damage in your Hannibal home, you should not wait to get it taken care of. Call Clean Restoration to help you with your water damage needs. Our team of experts can remove the water safely so you do not have to risk your health or that of your family.

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