Why You Shouldn’t Enter Your Home Before Fire Damage Cleanup

fire damage cleanup hannibal

fire damage cleanup hannibalIt is always concerning when a fire occurs on your property. If the fire does not fully consume your home, you will be glad when it is put out. Your things and property may suffer extensive damage by smoke, but the fire might not destroy them. You might even want to start organizing some of your remaining items. However, you should not enter the property until a certified specialist determines that it is secure to do so. Below are the top four reasons why you should not enter your house immediately after a fire.

Fire Damage Cleanup Hannibal

Harmful Particles and Gasses

The flames are the most evident source of destruction when your home is on fire. However, you should never overlook the secondary damages that soot, smoke, and other toxic substances cause. That is because the secondary destruction the toxic by-products can create is sometimes more hazardous and extensive than the damage from the flames themselves. A fire can burn a variety of things and items, from cleaning chemicals to plastics and electronics. When such materials burn, they can release several harmful substances into the air. You risk exposure to these dangerous compounds if you enter the building before the professionals deem it safe.

Mold and Water Damage

Flood damage is among the problems that most people don’t realize can happen as a result of a fire. The amount of water required to put out a fire will easily cause extensive water or flood damage in addition to fire damage to your building. Because of the water the firefighters use, the floor might get wet and slippery, creating a danger to everyone who enters your property. Electrocution can also occur if walls are left soaked. Stay away from the building and don’t return until a technician has given you the go-ahead.

Unstable Structure

Even though your property’s structure appears to be in good condition, the level of damage caused by a fire might leave it in an unstable state. You should avoid entering any property with an unstable foundation since the structure might get even more damaged, and possibly collapse. You may be severely wounded if this happens. You do not want to get hurt or make things worse.

Hazards and Debris

Although you may be aware that a fire may rapidly destroy several materials and personal items, you may not be aware of the debris and hazards that remain.  Your house could be covered with broken glass, plastics, metals, and wood, or you might have exposed electrical cables. You can injure yourself if you do not have the proper protective clothing and aren’t prepared for such dangers. Therefore, avoid returning to your property to avoid getting injured by the different debris and hazards that might be present.

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