Seven Safety Tips When Dealing With A Water Disaster In Your Home

water damage disaster quincy

water damage disaster quincyAlong with causing serious damage, a flooded home also poses a serious threat to your health. Here are a few tips from our water damage restoration experts at Clean Restoration in Quincy on staying safe after a flood. 

Water Damage Disaster In Quincy 

Stay Out Of Your Home Until It Is Safe

There are many hazards associated with flooding. These hazards are most prominent in the immediate wake of a flood. That’s why you should keep out of your home after a flood until it is deemed safe for you to reenter. This may be an inconvenience, but it is worth the added safety it provides.

Dispose Of Chemicals Properly

Some chemicals in your home may have spilled due to the flood or the floodwater itself may have contained chemicals. Either way, you need to make sure these chemicals are safely disposed of. If not, the lingering contamination can cause further damage and endanger your health.

Throw Out Contaminated Foods And Liquids

Any food or liquids touched by the floodwater should be discarded. Even when the water is supposedly clean and contains no contaminants, it is still wise to do this so you don’t put yourself at risk. You should do the same with any medications exposed to the flood. 

Be Prepared For A Collapsed Floor Or Roof

In some cases, water damage can lead to major structural damage. It’s not common, but serious instances of damage may even lead to the floor or roof collapsing putting you and everyone in the home at risk. Make sure a certified restoration contractor looks for any structural damage so you can be aware of any such hazards.

Look Out For Gas Leaks And Electrical Damage

Gas leaks and electrical damage are common consequences of water damage. That’s why restoration experts advise shutting off your gas and electricity after a flood. A good restoration contractor will look for any damage to your gas and electrical lines to ensure you will have able to move on safely after the flood. 

Look Out For Pests

Certain pests like ants, termites, earwigs, mice, and others are attracted to water. Given enough time, these pests will eventually find their way toward a flooded home and take up residence there. Some of them can be carriers of dangerous diseases so it is critically important that you do all you can to keep them from entering your home in the first place.

Remove The Water From Your Home Quickly

Finally, the simplest and most important thing you can do after a flood to stay safe is to do all you can to remove the floodwater as quickly as possible. This will significantly mitigate the overall hazards within your home since the water will have had less time to wreak havoc in your home.

The worst mistake you can make during the water damage restoration process is prioritizing your home above your health. To ensure you remain safe during the restoration process, give us a call at Clean Restoration In Quincy after a flood and we’ll do all we can to repair your home and keep you safe in doing so.

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