Categories To Describe Water Damage And Restoration Tips In Quincy

water damage restoration quincy

water damage restoration quincyDid you know that when your home in Quincy suffers from water damage, it can be categorized into one of three different water types? Not all water is the same and, depending on the type of water present, your water damage restoration process might be more extensive, timely, costly, and even dangerous. Let’s go over the 3 categories of water so you can be better prepared to respond correctly when you need water damage restoration, and keep you and your family from being exposed to dangerous contaminants.

Water Damage Restoration In Quincy

Category 1 Water: Clean Water

When water comes from a clean source it is considered category 1 water. Some examples of clean water sources include faucets, water heater tanks, pipes, and even toilet tanks. What makes water ‘clean?’ Clean water contains no harmful contaminants and is harmless to your health. That being said, this type of water can still cause some serious damage to your home and requires immediate action to mitigate any further damage. Within 24-48 hours, rot, mold and other microbial growth can begin to contaminate water, especially if it is left sitting. 

Category 2 Water: Gray Water

When the water contains a significant degree of chemical and biological contaminants, it is put into the second category – hence the term ‘gray water.’ Harmful microorganisms are found in gray water, and often sources of this water type include washing machines, dishwashers, showers, toilet bowls (not containing feces), or seepage from hydrostatic failure. To safely clean up water damage from this type of water, industry approved cleaning agents and decontamination techniques are required. To ensure you are not exposed to any harmful contaminants, you should avoid direct contact with category 2 water.

Category 3 Water: Black Water

As indicated by the name, black water is grossly contaminated water. This category of water includes sources such as sewage water, toilet water containing feces, and any external water source including seawater, river water, and canal water. Black water contains toxic pathogenic substances, chemicals, bacteria, ground materials, and organisms that cause disease. Water in this category should be avoided at all cost as it is very dangerous and can cause harm. Trained professionals with proper personal protective equipment, safe extraction mechanisms, thorough drying and dehumidification machines, and industry approved sanitizing techniques are required to safely handle water damage restoration of this category as it is much more extensive. 

The good news is that even though each water damage case is different, Clean Restoration has experience in restoring damage done by all three categories of water. We know how important it is to restore your home’s safety and health following water damage, which is why we are licensed and certified to provide the best restoration services in Quincy. We can safely remove black water and disinfect any affected areas, just as easily as we can pump or vacuum clean or gray water. We can even treat the area to kill any present mold and prevent future microbial growth. No water damage situation is too big or small. 

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