DO’s and DON’Ts When Your House is Flooding

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Sudden flooding in your home can be caused by a variety of things. Broken appliances, leaky bathtubs, excessive rainfall, and backed-up toilets can all cause water to gush into your home. It can be hard to stay calm in these situations. Here are a few helpful tips to know what to do and what not to do during flooding. emergency water damage cleanup quincy

DO Turn Off the Water

If you are able to identify the source of the flooding and can safely shut off the water, do it. Stopping the water from continuing to flow will reduce damage. (This does not apply if the flooding is coming from bad weather outside.)

DO NOT Come in Contact with the Water

Standing water could contain dangerous bacteria, sewage, or chemicals that you do not want to touch or ingest in any way. If the water has reached electric outlets or come in contact with anything plugged in, it may also carry an electric current. It is very dangerous to deal with standing water before you know what is in it. Even if it means you can’t turn off the water, it is better to keep yourself safe.

DO Turn Off the Water in Your House

If the standing water prevents you from turning off the water at its source safely, or if you are not sure where it is coming from, the best thing you can do is shut off your house’s water completely. This will help stop the flow of the water and reduce damage, but it is always most important to keep yourself safe.

DO Turn Off the Electricity

As we said before, standing water could be electrically charged. To prevent electrocution, you should turn off the electricity in your home. Electrified water could lead to severe injury or death if you come in contact with it, so stay away from it until you are sure it is safe.

DO NOT Stay in the House

Because of the dangers that may be in standing water, you and your family should not stick around the flooded area. Any bacteria or mold in the water could be dangerous for your health. Until the water is pumped out and you have been told it is safe, you should wait outside.

DO Call an Emergency Water Damage Cleanup Company

Drying out after a flood is going to take more effort than you might think. Not only do you have to remove all the water and dry everything out, but you also have to make sure everything is thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated. Mold can begin to form very quickly after water damage occurs, so your home may require some mold removal before the job is done. A water damage cleanup and restoration company will have all the required equipment to remove the water and dry your home. They will also be able to tell you when it is safe to come back.

Emergency Water Damage Cleanup- Quincy, IL

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