Immediate Steps To Take When A Pipe Bursts

emergency water damage cleanup quincy

emergency water damage cleanup quincyThe bursting of water pipes in a home is one of the most common reasons for water damage that homeowners have to contend with. Unfortunately, pipes can burst without warning, leading to large amounts of water damage that is difficult to handle. Scary as this may seem, when emergencies like this happen, don’t panic. Prompt action will ensure that minor damage is done.

Emergency Water Damage Cleanup – Quincy

Stop Water Flow

The first step to take when you realize that a pipe has burst is to cut off the water source. The easiest way to do this is to shut off the main water valve. Before emergencies like this can occur, try to locate it so you can quickly find it later. Often, it is found in the basement or crawl space, near the water heater. If not there, it could be located on a metal plate on the curb near your house.

Once the water source is turned off,  proceed to drain any water remaining in your pipes by opening the taps, faucets, and other water outlets. This also includes flushing the toilet several times.

Turn Off The Power

Once the water has been turned off, you will need to shut off the power. Though this may not seem like an obvious step, it can actually be lifesaving to you and/or electrical things. The water from a burst pipe may have leaked into electrical outlets, circuit breakers, or even the breaker box. You can usually find the electrical main service panel in the basement, garage, laundry room, or outside the house.

Locate The Problem

Now that the power and water have been turned off, it’s time to locate the problem. It’s not recommended to try and repair the burst pipe if you have no prior plumbing experience, but you can make a temporary fix while waiting for professionals. 

When you locate the burst pipe, seal off the source of the leak by binding the area with the plumber’s tape, electrical tape, epoxy putty, or sleeve clamps. Allow it to set and you should be good to turn the water back on if necessary. 

Clean Up Spillage

Now that the problem has been temporarily remedied, you will need to begin to mop up the water that spilled out of the pipe. As long as it is clean water, you should be safe to do so with towels and a mop. If there are still drips from the pipe, place a bucket underneath. Not allowing water to continue to stay on the floor or walls will ensure that water damage does not occur or get worse. If the water is unsafe to clean up, such as sewage backups, overflowed washing machines, or contaminated toilet overflows, you will need to contact emergency water damage cleanup professionals to assist with your cleanup. Doing so on your own can be extremely dangerous to your health. 

Call Professionals

Temporary steps can be taken to ensure that water damage does not get worse after a pipe bursts. However, trying to handle it on your own can be challenging, and you may not be able to conduct the cleanup properly enough to mitigate the damage. Professionals at Clean Restoration are readily available to help you with emergency water damage cleanup and bring your home back to its original state.

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