Hannibal Water Damage Cleanup: Identifying Bathroom Water Damage

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water damage cleanup hannibal, water damage restoration hannibal, water damage repair hannibalOf all the rooms of your home, the bathroom is by far the most vulnerable to water damage. Over time, intrusive water or water build-up can lead to extensive damage to walls, floors, sub-floors, and wood cabinets. 

Water Damage Cleanup In Hannibal

Even minor leakage can lead to huge problems when water seeps below linoleum, carpets, or tile flooring. Eventually, the underlying structure will be damaged. The next time you are in your bathroom, keep an eye out for specific signs of water damage.

Signs Of Bathroom Water Damage

In any room of your home, you might find specific signs that suggest water damage.

  • Warped Walls – Warped or cracked walls in your bathroom can indicate water damage. This often happens to the molding around the bathtub but can also happen to the ceiling or other areas of the wall. 
  • Mushy Molding – Mushy molding is an indication of water damage. Soft, wet areas on any part of your bathroom structure are nearly a sure sign of water damage. If you find mushy, soft molding, contact a water damage cleanup professional that can assess the extent of the damage and help you create a plan of action.
  • Crumbling Sheetrock – Treat crumbling sheetrock much the same way that you would mushy molding. Sheetrock shouldn’t be crumbling. If it is, there’s a problem. Even if it’s not caused by water damage, it should be assessed by a restoration company that can find out if it is mold or water-related. 
  • Discoloration – Discoloration of the ceiling or walls is as much of an indication of water damage as any other. Water from inside the bathroom structure will eventually seep through the walls, affecting paint and wallpaper. This will most likely start with discoloration.
  • Musty Odors – Musty smells inside your bathroom are a huge sign of mold and/or water damage. The water damage may not be current as mold can stem from past water issues, but it could be a sign that a water problem was not taken care of. Contact Clean Restoration for a water damage assessment right away.

If you suspect trouble, ask the water damage cleanup team from Clean Restoration in Hannibal to investigate.

If your bathroom suffers water damage, call the best water damage cleanup team in Hannibal. The certified professionals at Clean Restoration & Emergency Services are ready to guide you through the cleanup and drying process after a significant water loss- in the bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room. Within an hour, our water damage cleanup team will be on-site to evaluate the damage and to begin the extraction process. 

Our state of the art drying equipment will then be deployed to avoid any further damage and to bring your home or business back to pre-loss condition. Our water damage cleanup team is certified by the IICRC and serves the tri-state area. If your Hannibal home has significant water damage, contact us for an immediate answer. The team can usually arrive in less than 1 hour. Or use the online form to get in touch with our water damage cleanup experts for general questions.

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