Water Damage Disaster Can Hit Your Quincy Home At Anytime 

water damage disaster quincy

water damage disaster quincyYour biggest investment is one of your favorite places. Your home keeps your family safe and offers a space for fabulous memories. But you are always at risk for water damage.And it is common!  Industry records show that about 40% of all homeowners have experienced a some type of loss from water damage. And it can happen at any time.   

Bad Weather Can Come As Rain, Snow, Or Floods

Here on the western border of the state, natural beauty and history flow along the Mississippi River. But in the springtime, the snowmelt swells the river and many of its tributaries and leads to floods. Summer storms can dump several inches of rain. 

Hail can break windows, High winds can blow down a dead tree limb into your home. Tornadoes are becoming more common across Illinois over the years, 

CLEAN Restoration is the disaster team to handle all of your wind, hail, flood and tornado damage repairs and restoration work. Not only will they dispatch a crew immediately, they also have the resources to tarp or board up as needed. 

Frozen Pipes and Ice Dams

Quincy winters are notorious for icy roads and frozen weather. When the temperature drops, exposed pipes can freeze. When the bad weather breaks, the pipes can burst and flood your home.

Winter cold snaps can also damage your roof. Repeated freezing and thawing of rooftop snow can cause enough damage to the roof to cause a leak. And it might be a while before you know there’s a problem. After an ice dam, you need to repair damage to insulation, joists and sheetrock. 

HVAC Units 

In a hot, humid Illinois summer the air conditioning unit can work overtime. If not maintained, bacteria and debris can build up and clog the outflowing drain. Then the system backs up, overflows, and floods the aea gourd the HVAC. Now you have a double disaster– a hot house and water damage.  

Sump Pump Problems 

You have a sump pump to keep your basement dry. The “sump ‘is a pit, usually carved below the main surface of your basement floor. The pump is equipped with valves to sense rising water levels. All this works to reliably remove water. 

But they break! The most common cause of sump pump failure is a power outage. Or, when discharge lines become frozen or clogged, the system fails. In rare cases, there is a continuous flow of water into the sump pit due to a high water table or an underground spring, overwhelming the system.

Hot Water Heater Problems

As regular as clockwork, someone on your street is dealing with a failed hot water heater. The expected life for a standard gas-powered water heater, is about 8-12 years. And when it fails, it sends more than 40 gallons of dirty water into your home. 

Disasters Often Come From Boring Situations, Too!

Even disastrous water damage can come from mundane sources: damaged pipes, broken appliances, clogged drains, and overflowing bathtubs. The scale depends on the amount of water, the source of water, and how long it takes to get the clean up crew there. In all cases, “the sooner, the better.”  

Water Damage Disaster Support in Quincy

The certified professionals at CLEAN Restoration & Emergency Services to guide you through the clean up and drying process after a significant water loss. They have the resources and skills to help you cope with the emotional and physical effects of fire, water damage and floods.  Within an hour, the water damage restoration team will be on site to evaluate the damage and to begin the extraction process.  

Clean Restoration is the trusted emergency service and home restoration provider of Western Illinois. Call 24/7, 365 days a year for water damage disaster cleanup

The Guys in Blue are Specialists in Disaster Restoration. Available 24/7, Year Round.