Water Damage Prevention Tips

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water damage quincy, water damage restoration quincy, water damage cleanup quincyIn the Quincy, IL area, water damage is no stranger! Being in the Midwest makes for some exciting storms that pack the punch with gallons of water, and strong winds. This makes the perfect environment for a water disaster to ensue. Because of this, it is important to know how to prepare your home for water damage that may occur. Here are a few prevention tips for different parts of your home from the experts at Clean Restoration:

Water Damage In Quincy

  • Roofs: Because of the strong winds in the area, it’s important to maintain roofs a couple times a year. With strong winds, shingles blow off and expose parts of the roof that shouldn’t be exposed. These exposed areas act as doorways for water to seep in with each passing storm. After storms, or a couple times a year, be sure to get someone to check your roof out, especially if you notice shingles littering the yard. 
  • Gutters: Gutters also fit in the roof category. With all the wind comes all sort of debris that gets caught in the gutter system. This debris clogs the gutters and halts the movement of water. Water builds up and floods. This can spur water damage from the roof as the water is just sitting there stagnant. It’s important to clean out rain gutters frequently—about a couple times a year is recommended. 
  • Pipes: Pipes are the pathways for water. When a pipes bursts, water flows freely wherever it wants. There is an increase of pipe bursts when the winter months hit. Water leftover in the pipes freezes and expands. When there’s no more room for it to expand, the pressure bursts the pipes, and therefore creates a beautiful escape for water. In the winter months, be sure to turn off outside water sources completely. At night, or when leaving for extended periods of time, be sure to keep the thermostat to a high enough temperature, as well as keep doors and cupboards open for even heat distribution throughout the building.
  • Garbage disposal/sinks: Periodically check under all sinks, especially the kitchen sink and around the garbage disposal for signs of leakage. Signs of leakage include discoloration, water spots, softened material, and sometimes a strange smell. If you suspect a leak, but are unsure, you can always place a tub under the pipes and check for water accumulation every once in a while. 
  • Washing machines: Okay, by this point you’ve probably noticed a trend. Anywhere there’s running water, CHECK IT! Check the back of your washing machine and make sure hoses are secured properly, as well as look for those signs of leakage. 

You See Water Damage; Now What?

If you notice, or suspect you may have water damage, be sure to call a restoration specialist in the Quincy area, such as those at Clean Restoration. Water damage clean up isn’t as simple as mopping up the water with a few old towels. This may dry the surface, but underneath, where the water has seeped, is where the real damage is happening. Our team will have the equipment and expertise needed to eradicate water damage and restore your home to its pre-damage state. 

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