Windows And Water Damage Restoration

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water damage restoration quincy, water damage cleanup quincy, water damage repair quincyTechnology has vastly improved functionality in modem building materials. Windows, doors, and skylights keep your home’s temperature consistently comfortable with less electricity. Plus they protect your valuables. Low-emissivity coatings on many windows, doors, and skylights reduces UV sun damage to floors, carpets, and furniture.

However, replacing each window can cost you a pretty penny. So while you save for the future, continue to monitor the functionality of your existing windows. Don’t let failing windows cause you even more money in water damage, and restoration costs, to your home. Windows can cause damage including mold growth, wood rot, or even foundation problems. Window leaks can happen for a number of reasons. 

Typically, window leaks are due to 1) poorly installed windows and 2) cracked window panes. If your windows are damaged, you need to address the cause of water intrusion. Whether you should simply repair your existing windows or replace them with new ones, that moisture can damage the window sills, sheetrock and floors around the leak. 

Water Damage Restoration In Quincy

Worn Out Casings

Window casings seal the glass from the outside elements. They see a lot of wear over time as they expand and contract with the weather. Once window casings become splintered, gouged, soft and rotted, you no longer have a reliable barrier to weather.  As the seal fails, water can accumulate around the window and ruin the sills and sashes. Plus, you run the risk of 

Managing Condensation

Since a window has two layers of glass, there is a temperature differential. Depending on the conditions, water vapor can condense on the interior pane. As it accumulates, it can run down the glass and pool on the floor. To solve this, install a dehumidifier, or open windows a few minutes twice a day to allow that moisture to escape.  

Sliding Glass Doors

Whether constructed of vinyl, fiberglass, or aluminum, these movable glass walls are heavy. 

Since sliders and sliding impact windows weigh so much, the doors use metal or plastic rollers. Over the years, several things can go wrong and cause water damage that requires professional restoration services. In general, sliding doors must have an inch or two water threshold dam. With such strong requirements, if you are still finding water intrusion after general maintenance and a weatherstripping installation, your sliding glass doors or impact windows may not be properly installed.  Ask the Clean Restoration team to inspect for damage.

OOPS- Keep the Windows Closed

Unless it’s a serious storm coming through, the water damage from rain entering an open window generally won’t reach past the window sill. If left to sit though, standing water can soak into window sills and cause them to rot over time. This type of damage is prevalent in windows with wooden frames. (Your flooring and furniture can also warp and deteriorate from the leak.)  

The certified professionals at Clean Restoration & Emergency Services are there to guide you through the restoration and drying process after a significant water loss. Within an hour, our water damage restoration team will be on site to evaluate the damage and to begin the extraction process. Their state of the art drying equipment will then be deployed to avoid any further damage and to bring your home or business back to pre-loss condition. Their water damage restoration team is certified by the IICRC– the highest standard in the industry. 

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