Water Damage Restoration Quincy, South Carolina

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water damage restoration quincy, water damage cleanup quincy, water damage repair quincyCoastal living always comes with the risk of water damage! Even if you don’t live right on the coast, those coastal storms sure can pack a punch anywhere in the state. Regardless of your location, water damage is always a possibility. Thankfully, there are always water damage restoration specialists ready to help with any water damage restoration need in the Quincy area, such as the team at CLEAN Restoration.

Water Damage Restoration In Quincy

What Causes Water Damage And How Can I Prevent It?

  • Dishwasher: Dishwashers slosh around gallons of water per cycle. Be on the lookout for signs of leakage such as, warping in the floor, dampness, discoloration, and strange smells. 
  • Refrigerator: Same prevention tips as with the dishwasher. If your refrigerator has a water hose in the back, be sure it is securely attached. 
  • Washing machine: The washing machine is probably employed at least once a week in any given household. That means gallons of water are being used! Periodically check around for signs of water damage, and to ensure water hoses are attached and don’t need replacing.
  • Pipes: Leaky pipes can be a frustrating source of water damage. Some leaky pipes are exposed under sinks and can be quickly identified. Others may reside in walls and not manifest themselves until mold, discoloration, and warping present themselves. Frozen water in pipes is bad. This event can burst pipes and result in free flowing water.
  • Garbage disposal: Leaky garbage disposals are a putrid experience, to say the least! Old rotting food water slowly drips into the cabinet area. Cleaning up this mess is not a pleasant experience, to say the least. Check under the sink cupboard regularly. If you don’t, the smell will clue you in. 
  • Gutters: Keep rain gutters free of blockage! Blockage results in standing water, which could begin rotting areas of the roof surrounding it.
  • Roof: Patch and repair any loose or missing shingles to protect the wood, and interior of the home beneath. 

At the first sign of water damage, always contact a water damage restoration team in the Quincy area. When it comes to water damage restoration, timing is everything! The damage becomes worse the deeper the water seeps. 


Not all mold is bad! However, there are some times that you don’t want to be around you, and this mold usually comes as a result of water damage. These types of mold release spores, which cling to material where they land, feed on the material, and continue to spread. Imagine this happening in your respiratory system! Not only does mold damage the interior of your home, it can also damage the interior of your body. It’s best to avoid mold, which can also add to your water damage restoration costs.

Now that you’ve been educated on ways to prevent water damage, you can get to work developing habits that will save you time and money. However, sometimes water damage is unstoppable (i.e. tsunamis, flash flooding, etc.). Whatever the case, you can be at peace knowing that with any water damage restoration needed, teams such as those at CLEAN Restoration in the Quincy area are ready to jump in and get the mess taken care of.

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