4 Common Causes Of Water Damage In Your Home

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Due to the variety of ways it can happen, water damage is the most common disaster a homeowner faces. Water damage can be hard to prepare for, so it is good to know what might cause it in the future so you can try to prevent it from happening at all. Here are some of the most common causes of water damage your home might experience. water damage restoration hannibal

1. Burst Pipes

A few different things can cause your pipes to leak or burst. It may be from regular wear and tear as your pipes get older. Knowing how old your pipes are will keep you vigilant and ensure they work correctly. During the winter, frozen pipes often burst, causing significant water damage. If it is cold outside, insulate your pipes. Ensure your home’s interior stays at least 55 degrees Fahrenheit so your pipes do not freeze. If the water pressure in your home is too high, this can also cause damage to the pipes, causing them to leak. Your home’s water pressure level should not exceed 80 PSI, so periodically check it. 

2. Broken Appliances

Just like plumbing, your appliances experience wear and tear over time that can cause them to break down, leading to water damage. You should keep track of any appliances in your home that connect to the water, such as refrigerators, washing machines, and dishwashers. Ensure the connecting hoses are not wearing down or cracking; if they are, get them replaced immediately to prevent sudden flooding. If your appliances are not working correctly, look for signs of water damage.

3. Backed-Up Toilets

Any water damage and flooding that includes sewage is incredibly unpleasant. Sewage is also dangerous because it contains bacteria you do not want to come in contact with. If your toilet is not running correctly, you should check out all of the plumbing connections to ensure there is no damage. Do not let things get flushed down your toilet that will plug it up because this puts strain on the plumbing and could lead to leaks.

4. Damaged Roofs

If your roof is damaged, you should get it repaired right away. Broken shingles leave your home at risk of leaks in your roof that will cause water damage to your attic and can harm the structural integrity of your roof. This damage may lead to your roof collapsing completely. Ensure that any holes in your roof or shingles are fixed immediately. Keep heavy snow cleared off your roof to prevent strain from the weight of it. Clean your rain gutters regularly to avoid backup and ice dams on your roof. If your roof has been seriously damaged, you may need professional repairs so that the rest of your home does not experience water damage and exposure to the elements.

Water Damage Restoration—Hannibal, Illinois

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