Why You Should Not Try to Repair Water Damage Yourself

water damage restoration hannibal

DIY projects have become very popular in recent years, especially home improvement projects. However, there are some things that you should not try to repair on your own, and water damage is one of those things. If you have experienced water damage in your home, here are a few reasons why you should call a water damage restoration company instead of trying to fix it yourself.

Water Damage Restoration—Hannibal, Illinois

The Water Damage Is Probably Worse Than It Seems

If a broken appliance has burst and caused water to spill all over your floor, you may think that towels and electric fans are all you need. Even if you have a way to suck the water up and take it out of the house, there is probably more water than you think. It can soak through the layers of carpets, leak under floorboards, and soak into your drywall, causing damage. Whatever the source of the water damage, the repairs are likely more extensive than you think they will be. Trying to fix them yourself means that you will overlook or cut corners on areas of damage that need professional repairs, which will only lead you to need even more repairs in the future. It is best not to wait or try to fix it yourself. Instead, call a professional water damage company to come and fix it for you. 

More Repairs Mean Spending More Money

When you cut corners on repairs, it means that the repairs probably will not last. More damage may occur in the areas that were not properly fixed, including mold growth and weakened structural materials. These repairs are even more lengthy, and you will not be able to do them on your own. To save yourself money later on, it is better to take care of the initial problem by having a water damage restoration company take care of repairs and make sure there is no further existing water damage.

Dangerous Mold, Bacteria, And Chemicals

water damage restoration hannibalDepending on what caused the water damage and where the water came from, it can be dangerous to try to take care of it yourself. If water damage has led to mold growth, you should contact a water damage restoration professional.  It is dangerous to breathe in mold spores, and it is very difficult to get rid of them completely. Calling a professional company will ensure that everything is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Water that comes from any sewage or appliances may be full of bacteria or chemicals that can be harmful to come in contact with. There is no way to know for certain how safe water is, so you should avoid touching it or trying to clean it up yourself. There is also a possibility that the water carries an electric current, especially if it is touching any outlets or appliances that are plugged in. 

If you have experienced water damage in your Hannibal home, call Clean Restoration to handle the situation safely and with care. They will give you the peace of mind you need to know that everything is repaired thoroughly and correctly.

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